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Handling of student results

Published: Feb. 9, 2023, 10:09 a.m.

Last updated: Feb. 9, 2023, 10:09 a.m.

In the past few year the Department of Building Constructions has established the following method for communicating with students, handling their submissions and calculating and displaying their educational results.

  1. Outside classes the main means of communication is the Microsoft Teams application and the teams dedicated to the individual subjects.
  2. All students have a registration at the BME Directory connected to their neptun code and a corresponding university Office365 account, which can be requested here. The department automatically adds the students to the right teams based on their registrations in the neptun system. Attention: students will only see the teams if they are registered for the subject in neptun and have a valid Office365 account connected to their neptun code and an identifier ending with @edu.bme.hu. Until this is met we can't grant access to the team of any subject.
  3. Semester project (and other) submissions are generally handled in Microsot Teams in the team of the subject in question. Occasional exemptions to this rule are announced by the head teacher responsible for the subject, but even if projects are handed in by other means the results are first documented in the corresponding Assignments in Teams. The results will show up in the assignment with an optional written feedback.
  4. The main system we use for processing and storing student results is called TIR (Departmental Information System). The semester project results are imported into TIR and other results (such as midterm exam marks) are only input here. This system is also responsible for calculating the final student results.
  5. As midterm and final exams are held 'offline' their results are not input into Teams. These can only be found in TIR.
  6. Student can see their results in TIR using the TIR results display functionality based on their neptun code. The results display is found at the very bottom of all pages of this website. After inputting the neptun code you must click the "Show!" button and the results will be listed by semester and subject. This is the method to see midterm and final exam results.
  7. If some data is missing please contact the teachers of your subject first and ask whether they have already input the results or not.
  8. A the end of the semester or after each exam the final results in TIR are exported into the neptun system.

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