Building Constructions 4 [code:BMEEPESA501]
LecturersZsuzsanna Fülöp Dr
Zoltán Hunyadi Dr
AssistantRózsa Varga
Activity type2 lectures and 2 workshops per week
RequirementsSemester mark
This semester it is not active


Rep. test for the 1st test: 12.12.2017. 8:00-10:00 K250

Rep. test for the 2nd test: 12.12.2017. 10:00-12:00 K250

Please apply for it/them on the list(s) that you can find on the inner notice board of the Department!

General information

DL info Topics schedule 2017 Fall
DL info Requirements 2017 Fall
DL info Task description for the semester project 2017 Fall

Lecture short question results:

DL info BC4 Lecture short question results-Dr Fulop
DL info BC4 Lecture short question results-15. and 22. of Nov.

Lecture notes:

DL info Flat Roofs
DL info Non exploited flat roofs- materials, technology
DL info Non exploited flat roofs - details
DL info Exploited flat roofs-terraces, green roofs
DL info Indoor waterproofing
DL info Floor-1
DL info Partitions - Drywalls
DL info Suspended ceilings
DL info Acoustics of floors


DL info IDF guidelines
DL info Syllabus of the National Standard for the acoustical performance
DL info recommended websites
DL info waterproofing in wet areas

Workshop excercises:

1st workshop exercise DL info drainage part. DL info drainage compl.
2nd workshop exercise DL info conv. part. DL info conv. compl. DL info inv.A part. DL info inv.A compl. DL info inv.B part. DL info inv.B compl.
3rd workshop exercise DL info terrace part. DL info terrace compl. DL info green part. DL info green compl.
4th workshop exercise DL info indoor wp part. DL info indoor wp compl.
5th workshop exercise DL info part. DL info compl. DL info hall.det part. DL info hall.det compl.
6th workshop exercise DL info flooring1 part. DL info flooring1 compl. DL info flooring2 part. DL info flooring2 compl.
7th workshop exercise DL info drywall1 part. DL info drywall1 compl. DL info drywall2 part. DL info drywall2 compl.
8th workshop exercise DL info susp ceilingA part. DL info susp ceilingA compl. DL info susp ceilingB part. DL info susp ceilingB compl.


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