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Announcement to the students of the Department of Building Constructions about the remote learning practices of the department
DL info Announcement

Please note, that the Department has introduced a new system for tracking the attendance on the lectures! The full details of the system can be read here:
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Results and info
DL info Code of studies and exams

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BSc Courses

Introduction to Building Constructions
Basic Tools
Building Constructions 1: Traditional Wall and Floor Constructions
Building Constructions 2: Pitched Roofs and Foundations
Building Constructions 3: Doors and Windows and Elevation Claddings
Building Constructions 4: Flat Roofs and internal formative structures
BSc Global Exam

MSc Courses

Remedial Building Constructions for new MSc students
Building Constructions 5(A601): Skeleton Frame Constructions
Building Constructions 5(A602): Hall Buildings
Building Constructions 6(T702): Building System Methodology
Building Constructions 7
Building Rehabilitation
DL info MSC Global Theory Questions

Project Design
Projectdesign topic - to be uploaded
Projectdesign task - to be uploaded
DL info Ventilation

Complex Design 1&2
DL info Diploma Design

Lecture notes

DL info Technical Drawing Guide
DL info Floor structures
(BC-1, BC-2, BC-4, BC-5)

DL info Industrial flooring
(BC-5, BC-6, Complex-1, Complex-2)

DL info The structures of: balconies, hanging, corridors and loggias
(Complex-1, Complex-2)

DL info Constructions of low energy and passive houses
(BC-1, BC-2, BC-3, BC-4, BC-5, Complex-1, Complex-2, Diploma)


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